Injection And Blow Molding Machines


WE SUPPLY Plastic Injection Molding Machines is the consistent shot speed, pressure, accurate and repeated clamping along with energy saving. Variable pumps and servo driven gear pumps are used in the machines to deliver saving of energy. Accordingly the machines are available in various categories.


A.) High volumetric efficiency is more than 95%.

B.) Power consumption is 30% less than machines haying fixed displacement pump.

C.) Cooling water requirement of hydraulic oil is between 1/3 and 1/2 of fixed pump requirement due to without extra hydraulic oil overflow. Therefore there is longer life for the seal of pump than fixed pump.

D.) On the basis of proportional technology, the combination of electrical and sensor technology reaches the success of dosed loop variable pump. Through the control of pressure and flow by proportional valve, and continual monitoring on pressure and flow by pressure sensor and plate angle sensor, it leads precise pressure and flow to save energy.

E.) There is great characteristic curve on input voltage & pressure and almost direct proportion on the characteristic curve on input voltage & flow. Closed loop control is adopted so pressure and flow can be adjusted well by voltage. Energy saving become great due to high precision control and high respond.


WE Supply Blow Moulding Machine with AC Drive & 2.5 Litre Accumulator Die Head, Clamping unit, forward reverse on Rails by screw jack arrangement, all assembled Yuken hydraulics, etc. Including AC drive for hydraulic motor & photo electric safety gates.

Major Applications of Blow Moulded Articles

  • >    Edible oil packaging
  • >    Lubricants packaging
  • >    Packaging of drinking water
  • >    Pharmaceuticals packaging
  • >    Chemicals packaging
  • >    Pesticides and insecticides packaging
  • >    Automobile components

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